„Connecting fine instruments 
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Established in 1988, TONART JÜRG DÄHLER Rare Violins & Bows connects since thirty years some of the world’s finest musical instruments with renowned soloists, devoted amateurs, corporate businesses, public museums and private foundations worldwide. Our policy is to concentrate exclusively on rare and fine examples of each maker in order to optimize the pleasure of any purchase at TJD for both the ambitious musician and the keen investor.


Our hand-selected collection of fine instruments and bows is based on our large experience and expertise as well as on our global network with leading experts, major violin dealing firms and specialized auction houses. Our bespoke sales service with head quarters in Switzerland offers the greatest discretion, discerning financing solutions as well as full international legal and tax related advice. 


For every sale we offer exemplary service, continuous support, through our state of the art sales documentation including tailor made certification and valuation, dendrochronological reports and CT-scans, complementary annuellupdating options as well as expertadvise for repairs or restoration in order to fully optimise the long-term value performance of each purchase made with TONART JÜRG DÄHLER.



Born in Zurich, Jürg Dähler has been intimately connected with fine antique musical instruments since childhood, and more than forty years of intense studies of the great Italian masters and French bow makers have made him a knowledgeable and well-respected expert. His deep insight into violin making and the latest restoration and preservation techniques, as well as his vast experience in the violin trade in general allow him to consult and artfully serve his clients all around the globe, whether for a collection of instruments or single purchase.  


He currently works as a trustee for several prestigious private and corporate institutions and instrument collections in Switzerland, Europe, Asia, United States, and Australia and has been influential in creating new projects to help young gifted musicians with providing first-rate stringed instruments all over the world.


Being a sought-after soloist, chamber musician and teacher for almost forty years, Jürg Dähler performs since 1993 on a legendary 1714 Stradivari violin as well as on a rare Bolognese viola built by Raffaele Fiorini in 1893. Aside from his multi-faceted artistic career, he completed his studies in Master of Arts Administration at the University of Zurich with summa cum laude. Since 1999 he is Co-Artistic and Managing Director of the Swiss Chamber Concerts and, since 2015 was appointed Artistic and Managing Director of the Pfingstfestival Schloss Brunegg. He has received several distinguished awards for his many contributions to the cultural life of Switzerland.    



Purchasing a fine and rare stringed instrument means entering a fascinating, magical world of enticing beauty and great seduction. TJD is keen to expound on the many different paths and guideposts, overseeing with the utmost care and discretion our clients’ journey from initial idea through purchase and beyond. TJD as a consulting agency sources any targeted instrument by directly contacting our international network, which includes both, major instrument collections and expert violin dealing firms worldwide. Our thirty-year reputation is built on connecting our clients with the ideal instrument to match their most respected needs. 


Over the last three decades we therefore have had the privilege of selling many exceptional violins, violas, cellos and bows to private clients, renowned violin shops, public collections and museums, including several rare examples by prominent makers such as Nicolò Amati, Antonio Stradivari, Giuseppe Guarneri Del Gesù, Andrea Guarneri, Giuseppe Guarneri filius Andreae, Francesco Rugeri, Nicolò Bergonzi, Lorenzo Storioni, Giovanni Battista Ceruti, Domenico Montagnana, Matteo Goffriller, Giovanni Battista Guadagnini, Giuseppe Guadagnini, Tommaso Balestrieri, Nicolò Gagliano, Gioffredo Cappa, Giuseppe Rocca, Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi, Pietro Giovanni Mantegazza, Gaetano Antoniazzi, Riccardo Antoniazzi, Leandro Bisiach, Giuseppe Fiorini, Simone Fernando Sacconi and Ansaldo Poggi, as well as fine bows by François Xavier Tourte, Dominique  Peccatte, Jean Pierre Marie Persoit, Etienne Pajeot, Pierre Simon, Nicolas Maire, Joseph Henry, Nikolaus Kittel, Samuel Allen, James Tubbs, François Nicolas Voirin, Eugène Sartory, Victor Fétigue, Emil Auguste Ouchard, Jean-Jacques Millant and Bernard Millant.


In addition to our tailor-made consulting services and commission sales, TJD’s collection includes a limited number of outstanding instruments and bows, which are all meticulously prepared for sale and which we are happy to present for consideration. 



If you have an instrument or a bow you would like to discuss for sale, please phone, message or email us. We ask for high-resolution photos of your item to be emailed to us or you can simply use the contact form. Once your item has been approved for resale, we will create a tailored plan with you for the ideal way to bring it to market. TJD serves a substantial and loyal clientele of musicians, collectors and investors worldwide. Our commission sales are always based on a written agreement between TJD and the seller. 


In some cases, auction sales can be an attractive alternative to the usual resale procedures. Since auction sales commonly include a fair amount of additional costs such as commissions, insurance, photography, transport and wire fees, TJD offers a transparent analysis of what could be expected by selling through the various auction options. Should it be decided that an item goes to auction, we will charge a small flat rate plus an agreed commission for our services.


We always consider purchasing fine examples for our collection. We are regularly travelling internationally to advise collections, contact clients as well as procure fine examples and will be happy to meet with you. However, in the case we should not be visiting your city in the near future, we are happy to welcome you in our new showroom outside of Zurich, in Winterthur (Switzerland).  



When purchasing through TJD, all essential documents, certificates and valuations needed in order to guarantee the instrument’s long-term investment value will be provided as part of our exemplary service. We are proud to offer multilateral condition reports, dendrochronological reports and CT-Scans on demand as well as a full provenance and history documentation on instruments sold through us. 


A Certificate of Authenticity issued by a highly regarded international expert is beyond doubt a strong asset to any stringed instrument. We regularly advise our clients in obtaining second opinions to update certification according to the latest historical information including the ever-growing technology of scientific analysis in order to annually revalue the treasures acquired through TJD.   


It is crucial for the item’s long-term value performance to understand the often-ambiguous wording used in certificates. Due to our extensive experience in this field, we provide expert guidance to our clients in every area of certification, valuation and continuing care. By request, we are happy to issue our own certificates and valuations for items, whose maker is traditionally known or can be identified with 100% certainty. Furthermore, we are pleased to supply our buyers with complementary annual insurance valuations as part of our comprehensive service. If you wish to inquire about TJD’s Certificate & Valuation, please contact us by using the contact form or make an appointment.



Repairs and restoration are commonplace and are at times required whether or not the instrument is being regularly used. TJD’s director, being an active professional musician himself alongside his activities of dealing in fine and rare instruments, is perfectly informed about all aspects of instrument maintenance. Moreover, he has spent countless hours in ateliers of living makers and renowned restorers around the globe in order to understand the complexity as well as the aesthetic and ethical aspects of repairing and restoring fine antique as well as modern instruments from the violin family.


TJD is happy to provide contact details of professional local makers and restorers as well as international specialists if needed. As repair and restoration works can be both expensive and time-consuming, it is advisable to balance the costs against the value of the item and to discuss the budget and time frame before starting works. We are happy to provide a replacement instrument on loan if a repair is necessary. For all repair and/or restoration works arranged by TJD, we charge a small flat rate plus an agreed commission for our services. All works suggested by TJD are carried out by our trusted expert restorers with whom we have established long-standing relationships.



„Thanks to the generous help of Jürg, I was able to first find a superb bow by Nicolas Maire and shortly later my beloved Giuseppe Guarnerius filius Andreae violin.


Jürg has an unrivalled understanding for the complex needs of both musicians and

investors alike!“ 


Roberto González-Monjas

Conductor, Soloist and First Concertmaster

Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di

Santa Cecilia in Rome,

and Orchester Musikkollegium Winterthur

  • Having sold several violins from the Amati family over the last three decades, this exceptionally fine example from Nicolò Amati’s best period, built on the “grand pattern”model, is one of the most perfectly conceived violins we have ever come across from the pinnacle of Cremona’s most celebrated violin making tradition. It could well be one of the instruments that had inspired the young Stradivari to create his fascinating early models. The sheer beauty and projection of its sound is unsurpassable. Thanks to our international network we have recently found a new European home for this particularly attractive and well preserved instrument, presently residing in the Museo del Violino, Cremona (Italy). 




    Cremona 1650

  • This spectacular violin is a very beautiful example of the period of Del Gesù’s life, which also produced the “Alard”and the “Lord Wilton”. The three instruments are very strongly linked in style and appearance. It was no surprise that the dendrochronological report revealed the strongest data correlation with the “Alard”from 1742. Its important provenance dates back to the time of J.B. Vuillaume. According to the Hills it was part of the collection of Andrew Fountaine and became later the concert instrument of the distinguished British player, May Harrison. We had the honour to sell this legendary violin, which is pictured and described in the Ole Bull 2010 exhibition catalogue, to an eminent International philanthropist. 


    GUARNERI Del Gesù

    "The Tellefsen"

    Cremona 1742

  • Today, Guadagnini’s Milan period instruments are extremely highly in demand, as many believe that Guadagnini’s instruments of that period highlight his most personal and successful approach of emulating Stradivari’s late model violins in his own work. This spectacular example of 1758 is in fact such a close copy that many experts were unsure on first sight about when it was build by Stradivari himself. The power and quality of its sound is equal to Stradivari’s very best instruments. TJD recently arranged the acquisition of this fine violin for an important European collection.

    Giovanni Battista


    Milano 1758

  • Vuillaume is generally considered to be one of the most important and accomplished copyists of the great Cremonese masters, perfectly copying the models by Stradivari and Guarneri. Today, his instruments are extremely sought after by both soloists and investors alike. His Guarneri modelled violins have essentially doubled in value over the last ten years. It is always a huge pleasure to find an example in excellent condition from this most respected French violinmaker, pictured herein. We were happy to organise the sale of this charismatic violin to a young brilliant Irish soloist.   



    Paris 1840

  • Giuseppe Fiorini is widely considered to be the most important maker of the Bolognese violin making school of the 20th century. His instruments are built close to perfection, generally in the manner of Stradivari. This particularly fine example is no exception and was built in Zurich when the young Ansaldo Poggi was his student. In fact the pink-orange varnish is very rare in Fiorini’s work and could well have been applied under Poggi’s influence. Coming from the private collection of a most respected violin expert, we were happy to secure the sale of this unique and rare violin to a distinguished Polish violinist.



    Zürich 1922

  • Speaking about Sartory’s bows means opening one of the biggest and most fascinating chapters in the history of bow making. Despite much turmoil in and around Sartory’s life, he was able to build bows of consistently high quality, which are today played by many renowned soloists all over the world. Great viola bows are in general quite difficult to find as not so many were built during the course of the last two centuries. This mint condition example is one of the finest viola bows we have ever come across, namely for its phenomenal choice of extremely dense Pernambucco and dark-black Ebony wood. It is little wonder the master decided to have it gold-mounted. We had the honour to sell this spectacular bow to an eminent British philanthropist. A fabulous American soloist now plays it.  




    Paris 1920



Stradivari Symposium

TJD recently had the honour to lead a symposium in the prestigious setting of the UBS Arts Forum, Switzerland, dedicated to the work and life of Antonio Stradivari. This Forum holds high-profile events bi-annually on the subject of Art History and research, focusing in particular on market trends and new developments in the Fine Arts world. 


In this instance, neither Picasso nor Dalí were highlighted, but three outstanding Stradivari instruments of the early, golden and late period, curated by TJD. On this special occasion, we were able to demonstrate the intricate consistency as well as significant differences in Stradivari’s work, additionally analysing the monumental value development of his instruments over the past three centuries.


Our sincere thanks go to the Directors of the UBS Arts Forum and to an inquisitive audience of art historians, finance specialists as well as the many art investors and collectors from all over the world who got a first glimpse of the sheer magic and tremendous investment potential of the very finest of rare musical instruments.



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